An Era of Miracles

After the epoch of the sober Renaissance came the Baroque, emphasising feelings, emotions, and the spiritual dimension of life. All of the Baroque creators attempt, in their own way, to pull man out of this world and unite him with God though sensory experience. This is why you will encounter such volumes of gold on Baroque altars; this is why architects opened up the cupolas of cathedrals with illusory paintings, established false perspectives, and admitted light into the interiors of their buildings to an unparalleled extent.

In Bohemia, the Baroque Era arrived following one of the worst wars in history, when all of Europe began to breathe new life. And perhaps nowhere else does construction development take off as vigorously as it does right here. Cities, rural settlements, and landscapes all gain new appearances. The most significant monuments of the Bohemian Baroque include such things as the pilgrimage site at Zelená hora Mountain, the monumental chateaus in Valtice and Ploskovice, the Flower Garden in Kroměříž overflowing with colourful blooms, the one-of-a-kind opus of statues at Kuks, as well as the valuable preserved theatre in Český Krumlov. Many of these monuments are deservedly included on the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

If you would like to experience the wealth of the Baroque in concentrated form, there is no better place than Prague. After the Thirty Years War, this Bohemian metropolis saw extraordinary architectural development. The damaged Charles Bridge was adorned with new statues, and Lesser Town gained the magnificent Church of St. Nicholas. The nobility built new palaces near Prague Castle, surrounded by gardens. The Jesuits built the Klementinum with its marvellous library, and other orders of monks prospered as well, commissioning some of the most prominent architects, sculptors, painters, and musicians in Bohemia and all of Europe. This concentrated creative potential, together with the strong genius loci produced accomplishments seen almost nowhere else in the world. Come and see for yourself.

Baroque trips

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